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Application Information 

Applicants may hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of fields. Applicants may have professional experience in a variety of fields. Admission to the graduate program is subject to the rules, regulations and procedures of the Graduate School as stipulated in the University Graduate Bulletin. It is the responsibility of each student to understand these requirements and to ensure that they are met.

School of Architecture Graduate Admissions


Fall 2023, November 1 -June 1  (Preferred Deadline for Scholarships: December 1st. Rolling Admissions through June 1st) 

Spring 2024, October 1 - December 1


Applications completed by December 1st will be given the highest priority; all application materials (including current resume and letters of recommendation) must be received by the deadline date to be considered with the batch. Enrollment is selective; early application is encouraged. Application material received after December 1st will be reviewed on a space available basis. 


Required Documents & Application Procedure

Click here to view the Graduate Admissions Requirements for the School of Architecture.

Applications will be reviewed by the Real Estate Faculty Graduate Admissions Committee only after all of the following documents have been received:

1. Completed application form with an application fee. This fee is mandatory. Select the College (School of Architecture) and then your degree.

2. A letter or statement expressing your interest in the program and reasons for applying (1 – 2 pages).

3. Official transcripts of all college and university courses taken, indicating the date your professional or other undergraduate degree was awarded. All transcripts must be sent directly from the institution’s registrar to the below address:

School of Architecture
Graduate Programs
1223 Dickinson Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146

E-scripts for download are also accepted by sending to email:  
Ph: 305-284-3060 

4. Two academic (and professional, if applicable) letters of recommendation (If you have waived your right for access to your letters, they may be sent directly from the recommender, or they may be included with your application in a signed and sealed envelope).

5. Resume to be sent to email 


Minimum Requirements

  1. A bachelor of arts or equivalent degree with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  2. For international applicants and/or those whose native language is not English: 80 TOEFL score or 6.5 IELTS


International Admissions Requirements

Additional requirements for international students.

More Information about International Credentials & Applicants

Scholarships and Assistantships

All full-time students admitted to the MRED+U program are eligible for partial tuition scholarships. Scholarships are based on academic record and relevant work experience. Scholarships vary in amount, which will be determined by the Application Committee. Priority will be given to applications received prior to the December 1st deadline. Scholaship awards will be included with the acceptance package.

All full-time students are eligible for Graduate Assistantships, which require service in the form of teaching, research assistance, or other appropriate activities as assigned by the director of the program.

STEM Designation

Effective January 2022

The University of Miami School of Architecture (U-SoA) is happy to announce that the Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism degree program qualified for STEM designation (CIP code 04.0902), effective January 2022.

International student graduates holding F-1 visas are eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) for a maximum of 36 months. The designation will apply to new students, as well as students enrolled as of January 2022.

Additional Application Questions

Nicole Hejazi, Assistant Director
Office of Academic Services & Placement
Post Office Box 249178
Coral Gables, Florida 33124
(305) 284-3060


Curriculum Notes

The school reserves the right to retain all student projects done for academic credit.