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Internships provide graduate real estate students with important opportunities to explore different areas of the real estate industry while gaining valuable, practical experience. Internships also provide employers with opportunities to tap bright, talented graduate students to support a company’s business operations, projects and research and evaluate students’ potential through real world, on-the-job performance. 

With the active support of the MRED+U Advisory Board, the MRED+U Program has established a formal internship requirement. The goal of the Internship Program is to provide a high quality, structured experience for students. The internship requirement can be satisfied during any semester of the 11-month academic program (Fall, Spring or either Summer session).

Firms will identify the general types of work to be performed and will supervise the work of interns. The MRED+U Program will arrange for meetings between real estate firms and students during the fall and spring semesters for employers to meet one-on-one with prospective interns. The MRED+U Program director and staff will work with employers to match students with a participating firm based on the needs of the firm and the students’ qualifications and interests.

Students are expected to work no more than 20 hours per week for up to 20 weeks for a maximum of 400 hours per semester. The actual work schedule and remuneration will be agreed upon between the employer and the intern.

A part-time internship can be completed in one semester and students will have the opportunity to complete multiple internships to gain experience in different capacities with different companies during the program.

Students understand that these opportunities may be virtual and/or taking place through Zoom,Teams and other virtual meeting venues.

The University of Miami School of Architecture (U-SoA) is happy to announce that the Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism degree program qualified for STEM designation (CIP code 04.0902), effective January 2022.

Companies that have provided internships in the past

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following Advisory Board members who have extended opportunities to our MRED+U students both during the academic year as well as the summer. We encourage you to provide new internship opportunities to our MRED+U students within your firms. The Internship Program is a mutually rewarding journey for Board Members and students, providing our students with practical experience and giving Board Members the opportunity to tap our talented pool of graduate-level students.

Advisory Board members that have offered internships recently include: CBRE, Driftwood Hospitality, DSS, Grass River Property, Gridics, Housing Trust Group, Mattoni Group, NPI, Plaza Construction Group, Related Development, Rilea Group, Starwood Property Trust, Terra Group, 13th Floor Investments, Vagabond Group, and Whitman Family Development.

We look forward to adding you to this list and guiding you through this crucial role of fostering our MRED+U students. Please email Allison Freeland at