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CNU has established a professional accreditation program to recognize the talent within the New Urbanist movement for creating walkable, sustainable places. The purpose is to elevate the practice of the principles of New Urbanism through professional accreditation and to develop the CNU-Accreditation program as a premier standard of professional excellence in the design of the built environment.

CNU has partnered with the University of Miami School of Architecture and leading new urbanist experts to develop the CNU-Accreditation exam and the exam preparation course, The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism.

Students interested in taking the exam can register for it separately on the University of Miami Elevate website. (Registration for the 24B Exam opening soon)

The exam is administered by the University of Miami. Exam results are submitted to the CNU for review and Accreditation processing. Candidates will receive final results and documentation from the CNU.

For more information about CNU-Accreditation, visit the CNU website.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Provides a marketable credential to employers and clients
  • Listing on CNU Member Directory as CNU-Accredited
  • CNU-Accredited Professional Certificate

Requirements of Accreditation

  • Pass the CNU / University of Miami Exam.
  • Upon passing the CNU-A exam, maintain an active annual CNU-Accredited Professional Membership.
  • Attend CNU-approved educational event(s) annually (minimum 8 hours duration).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to take the NUO course to be eligible for CNU-Accreditation?
    • No, the NUO course is not required.
  • Can I take the exam any time?
    • No, the CNU Exam follows the same schedule as the NUO course. There are three sessions per year.

Follow the link for more information about CNU-A Continuing Education Partners.

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