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Faculty Curriculum Contributors

Joanna Lombard, Professor
Charles Bohl, PhD, Associate Professor
Jaime Correa, Associate Professor in Practice
Tony Garcia, Part-Time Faculty 

Curriculum Contributors

Geoffrey Dyer, Knight Fellow 2005 
Jonathan Ford, Knight Fellow 2005 
Glenn Kellogg, Knight Fellow 2005 
Joe Molinaro, Knight Fellow 2005 
Karin Morris, Knight Fellow 2005 
Dan & Karen Parolek, Knight Fellow 2004 
Steve Rhoades, Knight Fellow 2005 
Michelle Robinson, Knight Fellow 2003 
Will Selman, Knight Fellow 2004 
Sandy Sorlien

Student Contributors

Jenerra Albert, Teaching Assistant - Spring 2014-Summer 2015
Emma May, Teaching Assistant - Summer 2014-Summer 2015
Christopher Rodriguez, Student Assistant Fall 2009 - Summer 2011
Timo Hoefs, Student Assistant Fall 2005 - Spring 2009 
Christina Belmonte, Teaching Assistant Spring 2008
Patrick Kern, Teaching Assistant Fall 2008

Advisory Committee

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, UM School of Architecture 
Andres Duany, DPZ 
Philip Bess, University of Notre Dame 
David Brain, New College of Florida 
Bruce Donnelly, Hedgewood Properties, Inc. 
Victor Dover, Dover Kohl 
Doug Farr, Farr Associates 
Nancy Kenney, New Urbanist Media 
Michael Mehaffy, Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment 
Nathan Norris, PlaceMakers, LLC 
Jean Scott, Strategies for Livable Communities 
Rob Steuteville, New Urban News 
Emily Talen, Arizona State University


Andrea Gollin, Publications Manager 
Natalie Bixby, Program Coordinator
Cheyne Murray, Course Design 

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